Is there someone in your life you need to forgive? If you believe in someone, then you need to forgive them. Forgiveness is for you, not the person who wronged you. Forgiveness helps relieve the pressure of feeling you have been wronged or discarded.  No one person is perfect. We all make misjudgments.  

I’ve forgiven people in my life on several occasions.  Forgiveness helps cleanse your soul and preserves a healthy spirit. I can’t walk around feeling like I have an enemy. I can’t worry about if someone is against me and not for me.  This negative energy digs a hole in your spirit; leaving you empty, depressed and unavailable.  This person is not even thinking about me today. This person slept well last night while I did all the tossing and turning.  Who can live a life in such turmoil?  Would it be easier to pick up the phone, send a letter, an email  or personal visit to let this person know you feel a certain way? You can forgive for their trespass. Once you have forgiven, it is not wise to speak on the matter again. Whether you retain a relationship or not. (That would be the same as not forgiving the person.)  It’s alright now. You can surrender it to GOD.


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