a four letter word? a beautiful word? What does it mean? What does it bring to mind? Affection, care, warmth, kindness, understanding, security, parents? Do you want to be loved? Do you know how to love? GOD is love! The love you have for GOD can help you love and be loved. The source of all love is GOD! no one will ever truly be successful in finding or experiencing love unless he seeks it in and through GOD first. There is a real need for love in todays relationships and families. I see and hear it all over. LOVE is not a sensual attraction that seeks passion for gratification, that is called lust, not LOVE. LOVE is warm, sympathetic and kind. If we really love we will care about the present and future of those near and dear to us.  A parents love will sacrifice and provide an atmosphere of love and well-being for the family. Spouses love will respect and provide a safe haven and tranquility for all. 

If you feel the need for love find it in GOD. GOD loves us with no bounds. Do you know how powerful GODs love is? He gave us his only son, fathom this for a second…..

In your loneliest hours GOD is the only one there to give comfort, strength and direction. Just talk to him through prayer. He will hear you. Then ask GOD to show you the way. Come to GOD with all your heart and be willing to obey in all that he asks of you. With GODs forgiveness and acceptance you will begin to feel his love and gain a relationship with him. You will want to do everything the right way.  All the negative thoughts and feelings will fade away. LOVE will prevail and you will find  security. Your heart will open and you will learn to love others. You will experience things like concernment, gratitude and a desire to be of service to GOD, who is the creator of LOVE. GOD will continue to bless you and open your mind to truths. You will want to seek an earth family ( church). Go there for healing, praise/worship and fellowship. This part is a genuine love that cares, shares and corrects your soul. STUDY the promises in Psalm 91, Psalm 23 and 1 Corinthians 13. (my favs) Experience GODs LOVE one of the greatest blessings available to man.  MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!


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