Contentment begins with having limited wants.  This learned belief can be difficult in everyday life. It’s so easy to want more than we need and to become more focused on getting than on giving. Our desires tend to dictate our choices, making our lives less simple and unstructured. More does not mean bigger or better. Why not decide to focus on being satisfied in your current circumstances?  Be content.

Help us Lord, Protect us from believing the lie that having more will bring us happiness. May we be content with what you have given.

One thought on “Contentment

  1. Hello Family:

    Have you ever been told that you should see your glass as half full not half empty. Contentment is just thanking God that your glass has water in it! Appreciate God for all his glory and his Amazing blessings! Just take a moment to breathe in – now exhale – if you can do that without the help of a machine. You should lift your hands and tell GOD thank you! I serve a risen Savior and an Awesome God! Learning how to be thankful and grateful… for the things I use to take for granted. I am so grateful, because now I appreciate the things that I would often overlook. Now, I have more JOY because I have the peace that God has given me.

    Have an Amazing Day Family!!!


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