finding JOY today

RELEASE the past – See mistakes as lessons and move on.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE– Those who focus on what they are thankful for live longer and are healthier and happier.

EMBRACE yourself –  negative body image gets in the way of feeling good about yourself.  Everyday celebrate your body, your skin, your legs, your arms.

SEEK positive people –  creative connections with others fuel success

SAVOR the journey –  GOD said you have a birthright to abundance and prosperity….go and get some! Focus on what drives you, compassion, love, integrity ( powerful approach)

VISUALIZE happiness – If you can see it, you can believe it! Take a mental vacation, reminisce great moments,  then physically post images around you.  Communing with this is like resetting a giant attitude button.

PLAY –  It’s easy to get caught up dealing with problems, but babies are born to seek comfort and a love connection ease. Get back in touch with the inner child.

MAKE SPACE –  It’s hard to feel serene when there’s clutter…get rid of papers, appliances, non essentials kept for 1 yr or so, even memorabilia that serves no purpose anymore, say a prayer and be gone with it.

PLAN your time – Prioritize, trim your list of things to do and carve in me time — mani/pedi, read, listen to music, etc.

SHARE your blessings – the greatest secret to happiness is that you find it when you are not looking.  When you make someone else happy, their joy makes you JOYFUL!!


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