I heard people say a thousand times, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH” or “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF”. How about this one?  “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I LOVE MYSELF”.  Is that even possible?

How are you capable of loving someone more than you love yourself?  Don’t you have to experience self-love in order to know what it feels like, what it does for you, how it makes you feel? Do you realize that you are the most important love you will ever experience in your time? Your own true love is gonna manifest in everything you do. It teaches people how to love and value you. This sentiment shows up naturally, there is no forcing it. No need to put on a display, you really can’t hide this emotion. LOVE FLOWS NATURALLY. When you love & care for yourself, people will always want to be around you. There is a sense of security, warmth and gentleness you possess when you love yourself first.  


One thought on “LOVE

  1. I think it’s just words of expression. But, the meaning is not truly there. ” I love you more then I love myself”.
    It does not literally mean that. I think it’s just a way to tell another person who much they mean to you. How much you care about them. And that you have their back 100%. Verbally or written, it may be one of the highest form of expressing you love to another. And you do have to love yourself first.


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