Happy Day to You!

I hope you are enjoying this today!

I just want to remind you that today is GODs’ day and not to forget to seek his planner for the day.

All day, all week, all month and all year, we will be challenged, stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. Our family, our work, our church, our community and even our private lives will consume as much of our planner as possible.

Our Father is a gracious GOD, an understanding, an awesome GOD, who is accepting of all things. All is required on your behalf is 10 min,  20 min or even 1 hour of your time TODAY, TOMORROW AND ALWAYS. We are so busy with our planners that we forget about GODs’ planner. GODs’ planner is so much simpler than ours, but just as important.

Take the 10 min, 20 min or even the hour TODAY. Take a look at GODs’ Planner for today in PSALMS 105:1-5





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