Dream Big Dreams

10-21-14 flyg dreamer (2)

                                         Dream big dreams!

Some people want it to happen, some wish it will happen and others will make it happen!  

DREAMS are the seed for success.  To  make your dreams come true you must move on them, take action on them,  pursue them, go after them; otherwise they are simply pipe dreams and wishes, which have no substance. A dream mixed with confidence, determination, persistence, strong desire  and action  cannot be  denied!

Think big thoughts and make it happen!

Inspired by Willie Jolley  

2 thoughts on “Dream Big Dreams

  1. Hello Family:

    Please remember that a DREAM delayed is not a DREAM denied!

    If GOD spoke it … it will come to past. The feet of the righteous are ordered by the LORD!

    However, GOD will not do anything for us, that we can do for ourselves.

    If you are believing GOD for a job or a better job … how many applications have you filled out?

    Underemployed? How many classes, trade organizations or networking gatherings have you attended this year?

    Want to start your own business? Do you have a business plan? How long have you been an understudy or apprentice in the field? Have you taken any management classes?

    Dream BIG? But…Always be realistic … GOD will not set you up to fail.

    DO not be afraid to you step out on faith … but be prepared for the haters and obstacles.

    To whom much is given … much MORE is required.

    Love you family,


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