I Believe In The Higher Power!

One thought on “I Believe In The Higher Power!

  1. Hello Family:

    Our loving heavenly father knows what is ultimately best for us!

    A Dream Delayed is not a Dream Denied!

    The holy word of God states that God will give us the desires of our hearts.
    Psalm 37:4 – Bible Gateway

    But, God our heavenly father, just like our earthy loving parent does say “No” to things that will draw us away from him. He said that you will not have any other gods before him. Therefore, do not be dismayed when God tells you No. It is only because that thing that desire will become the object of your affection; leaving GOD on the side line as you cherish the gift more than the giver.

    Additionally, the word of God states to whom much is given much is required.
    Luke 12:48 – Bible Gateway

    Maybe God did not say NO; he just said not yet, because you are not ready for the blessing. God wants us to be spiritually, mentally, physically and vocationally prepared to handle our gifts.

    The apostle Paul prayed that God would remove the thorn from his side. But, God said that his grace was sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9King). Sometimes it is that thorn that keeps us humble.

    Furthermore, the devil your adversary is waiting to devour you. How is your character? You want a new job but you have a problem with your temper, augmentative, confrontational, super sensitive or not vocationally prepared. God is not going to set you up for failure. Begin to pray and ask GOD to help you with your character flaws and GOD will promote you when the time is right.

    My final point; which is a personal experience and I am sure that I am not alone. You prayed and God blesses you with what you asked for … and then you find yourself praying for a way of escape.

    God knows what is best for us. A loving caring parent is not going to let their child play with knives. But, we might let our child eat too many cookies just to teach them a lesson that we know better than they do. The child thought they wanted all those cookies and they sure tasted good, but after they ate them all… the final result was painful.

    In 2001, I relocated from Georgia. I went on numerous job interviews. One happened to be in the NY Twin Towers. I was so angry with GOD when I did not get that job; it was what I thought was my dream job. But, on Sept. 11, 2001, God revealed to me why I did not get that job.

    God does not want us to experience unnecessary pain, hurt or disappointments. In, my case, I might have died when the towers were bombed. I had to repent …thanking God that I was still alive not leaving my child motherless.

    Trust that God knows what is “Best” for you!

    Love you family,


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