Challenging Negative Thoughts

destroy negative 10-29-14


Negative thoughts generally come to mind under stressful situations.  When we allow our minds to dwell on pessimistic feelings and thoughts we develop a mental magnet that attracts more negativity.  Out of habit we place the negativity at the top of our life’s agenda when we should be   bumping it to the bottom.  Better yet, rid it from our thoughts completely. Negative thoughts do not belong in your mind-space, there is no space for it.  There is no room therefore its fighting your mind-space to take over it. This makes you feel like you have no idea what to do. It causes depression. By replacing the negativity we allow optimistic thinking to take place. This replacement can be done through mental exercises.

BE AWARE of the negative thoughts, then replace the thoughts with comforting and affirming thoughts.   Lower the negativity to the bottom of your agenda, but be consistent in this process, persevere. By doing this often you will begin to create a new habit of positive thinking.  At best be able to control your thoughts.  You know what?  You, the being have so much control over your thoughts. More control than you know what to do with.  Allow yourself not to contain this negative energy. Reject it every-time.

I can remember a time when everything in my world was chaos.  If I thought about it, then it was negative.  I would get headaches and fall asleep, but as soon as I woke up the thought came right back.  A good friend told me one day.  She said, ” try thinking about something beautiful, something you love. Get a picture of it in your head and keep it there.”  So I tried it!  Low and behold, it worked for me.  Every time I felt the negative heave, I would think of this image.  As time went on I started collecting (in my mind) colorful pics of flowers, art and anything that would reverse the negative thought pattern.  I still use the method today.  However,  I have grown into a more advanced approach such as meditation, spiritual music and the gospel praise and worship.  I tell you, the music lifts me up way high!!! Even the meditation.  Meditating took me a good year to fully master and appreciate. Because your mind is idle, therefore allowing anything to creep in.  It works for me now!



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