Our Veterans Are Our Heros

Our Veterans are our heros. Literally they hold up the land of the free, protect us from outside forces so that we may walk the land in peace. Let us honor the men and woman who bravely put their lives on the line for American citizens daily. Let us honor them everyday, but especially today. Thank you Jason, Anthony, Charles, Kenny, Thank you Michael, Jasmin and Gina. You guys rock! Be safe and know that you are loved!

A very special thank you to my DAD, Mr. William T. Barr, a 2 time war veteran. I miss you so much.



Join me in supporting the DAV ( Disabled American Veterans)

Help us reach out to Veterans across America!   Each year DAV provides free services assisting hundreds of thousands of veterans to obtain government benefits they deserve because of their service. The DAV is an organization of veterans who understand other veterans needs. DAV provides our veterans with help finding good jobs, a place to live and quality health care. They also support veterans in regaining  a sense of normalcy as they get back to their lives. The DAV will provide services that address physical injuries, as well as their physical and emotion well being. They empower veterans to lead fullfilled, high quality lives.

Please take a few moments to visit the website at http://www.dav.org.  PUSH THE RED “DONATE NOW” BUTTON AND MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TODAY. Any amount is grateful and much appreciated. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLESSING!

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