True story! Where are you with Jesus right now?


My pastor asked us once, on a scale between 1 to -10 or +10, where do your siblings/family lie in their faith with Jesus? Out of 7 kids in my family, 4 are (+) and  3 are (-). The pluses are +6, +8 +10 +10. 10 represents walking hand in hand with Jesus, will put GOD first and everything you do.
+1  to  +5, you know and belief in Jesus, but not ready or willing to accept/commit.  My negatives need a lot of work.  Not Atheists, but are more interested in the evolution theories.  We can say they are -5’s.

Pastor said,  “Ok now, your mission is to bring them up the scale to +10. When your done, do the same for your friends and others in your circle.” This lesson was in 2012, I’m still trying.  Pray for me!

Where are you and/or your siblings on the scale below?  Will you bring them up the scale?


Don’t know Jesus                                          Know Jesus but not ready WANT TO  commit

-10                                                              -5                                                                                      -1       ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


+1                                                               +5                                                                                  +10


Wiseandloving is currently reading and discussing the book attached. This book is based on what Jesus would do in certain situations and how we can become better Christians by doing the same. Feel free to join the discussion on RePresent Jesus.  Be Blessed!      



2 thoughts on “True story! Where are you with Jesus right now?

  1. WelI, I knew people that were/are devote in the faith and how one is really to live life if walking with Jesus….I would place my family at 7 as a whole. Myself a 9+. We ain’t doing bad.
    We trying, some more then others. I myself am trying…not quite there yet. I can say that because I have had two person in my life that I really knew and they were devote, deep into Jesus. They walked the walk and talk. They are no longer here. I saw their life and how they lived. I’m not there yet, but close. My friends 10+, all others are acquaintances that fall under 5.
    Bring people to Jesus? You have to be there first. I believe you have to have knowledge and be actively living in Christ in order to bring another person in. Can I bring another in….no.
    I can talk to them about what I know.


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