Little Ole Me Then and Now

This post is inspired by The Daily Post assignment: Present day me meets 10 years ago me for coffee.  Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

Hey Lady!  It’s nice to be with you again.  It’s been sometime since I felt you.  I miss all the fun and hanging out. Yes I’m still drinking coffee, but not as much.  I would’ve thought by now I would be a daily tea-er, but I’m not. lol. Surely by our next 10 year visit I will be. You know what?   I should have listened to you back in 2004. I didn’t pursue the exercise regimen, instead I ate way too much sugar and salt. The results are depressing. These diseases are driving me crazy! Diabetes and Hypertension is killing all my family and friends. Had I listened to you and those doctors; I might not have had surgery on my breast.  I remember you practicing the self breast exam, but I didn’t follow through. I am so sorry.  I had the lump and didn’t even notice it. It turned out to be a benign cysts. My breast was saved, but the scare is unforgettable.  I feel truly blessed.  They say when your older your wiser.  I think when your younger your wiser in some instances.

Current Mehappy me 07-21-14

Well I just want to thank you for harboring those core values in me.  During this time of my life core values are upfront and personal. They have become essentials. Not too much matters if your not surrounded by good influences and positive energy. Without them I surely would fall for anything. Since you’ve been gone our love for people has changed.  Spiritually we are growing.  I see people as spiritual beings now instead of jerks, haters, pain in butts, losers and nosey. I’ve learned to appreciate them more and still learning to accept those who are spiritually different from me. Everybody does not think the way I think about things and that is okay. You remember, you could never understand why people create their drama and live in it.  I still wondered about it, but I offer possibilities now.  I stopped being mad at the world.  I realized that your life is what you make it.  Make it a good life and it will be good. We are blessed, our life has been great.  Make it a miserable life, and it will be miserable.  Make it dramatic and it will be.  However, the love life still has some ups and downs, but maturity and GOD’s grace allows us to work on it.

We joined a different church.  It’s a nice family with beautiful spiritual people. They made me Church Greeter. (you figure that one out!) I learned so much about Jesus and The Lord with this family.  We are very hands on in the community. Lots of connection groups, missions, praise worship and bible studying.  I enjoy it all. I went back to school and got your Pharmacy Certificate/License.  You said you were determined and I believed you. You are a registered PT in the state of NJ, 2 years now. How proud are you of me? LOL I started that small accessory business, but that plan you designed was not for this time.  I understand that there is a timing in your life for things of this nature. Maintaining a full-time job, caring for a teenager and running a full-time business is extremely overwhelming. I appreciate the dedication and research you invested for years; but I wasn’t able to secure the back up support needed for such a plan.  So I am saving that desire for our retirement.  With GOD’s will we will have plenty of time to invest then.  I’m working on Plan B, C and D now!  Your dream will not fade in me, ever.  I promise.

The kids are all grown now.  Niesha and Ashley are self made women.  My heart is full with them in it. Plus my grandson, who I believe has been here before is an amazing little being. I see a lot of our qualities in him.  Natural born qualities already at his age. This little guy has bought the families closer. WE are blessed.

Ten years ago was an amazing growth time for us.  Divorce, medical problems and we were just coming out of the wilderness with a dream and plan. That’s all we had.  Today my eyes are wide open to all of life’s possibilities.  I am looking forward to pursuing the last 5 goals within the next 10 years. Perhaps hubbie will show up by then. He knows he must seek GOD first in order to get to me.  We shall see if this fearful man knows the The Lord! Don’t worry!

GOD, Family, Love and positive energy was and always will be important in our life plan.  I love you Lady!  I miss you so much!

Ten years ago Me

me orang dress

2 thoughts on “Little Ole Me Then and Now

  1. I think if I met me when I was twelve I’d have distracted him from pulling that log out of the river. Then I would have told him to stop playing truant and stick in at school then go to art college rather than work on the farm, noble as that vocation is.


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