I Love You!

                                              10-30-14 love poster

The awareness of this wonderful universal Law of Attraction is taking the world by storm.  People all around the globe are deliberately applying it to their lives to attract all that they desire.

The question I have been pondering for quite a long while is if it works for each of us on an individual level, what would happen if we all got together and focused on one thought together at the same time?  How incredibly powerful that would be. Thousands of people focused and thinking of one positive thought. The energy would be off the charts.  So I’ve come up with a positive thought to spread around the world to create peace and abundance.


This is the most powerful core value to spread around the world at the same time. This will bring us together as a human race and create world peace and abundance. If we ALL participated it would make ALL who received the message feel love at that time.  We continue to express this emotion through out the day and carry over to Wednesday and so on. By the end of the week everyone in your circle will know that you love them.  So I will try it. Starting here…

                                 I LOVE YOU FRIEND! 

Please pass this message along to your love ones and everyone in your circles, your posts,your comments and replies. I am a true believer that if you are a lover of people you should let them know. Ask them to do the same to their loved ones and people in their circles.  Even tell strangers if you are confident and so on and so on.

Let this be your mission during the holiday season and beyond.  



Inspired by
The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple ~ Create the Extraordinary Life that You Deserve
Sonia Ricotti  

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