A New Day, Another Chance

Have you ever wondered why nothing around you is changing?  It’s simply because you are not changing it.  We are creatures of habit and nothing will ever change for us. FALSE!  Direct your own change by changing your own habits; changing your own thinking and your own doing.  I’ve been telling myself for years, I want to learn something new.  I want to experience something different. I would like to do something I’ve never done before. Suddenly the wants became challenges. Over the last few years I was able to take on some of the challenges, by first changing my mind-set. Changing your mind-set is not an easy thing to do, because it takes you from your comfort zone. However, it can be done.

Little by little I started envisioning these changes, then I took action. I started day-by-day canceling out bad habits that kept me stagnant.  I would replace the bad habit with a new thought. For instance,  the chance to learn something new.  In my mind, it was timing.  I used the phrase ” not enough time in the day”. REALLY? Make the time everyday…  6 am to 730 am, I am awake and not doing anything.  530 pm to 11 pm…  most of the time…. not doing much.  I was using time as an excuse not to be motivated.  I changed my mind; I’m going to use the time to invest in learning something new for my life everyday now. I wanted to experience something different.  Fear held me back.  I told myself all kinds of nonsense like, ” no, not now maybe later. I’m not sure I will like it. What’s the point of it?”  The point is that it is a new experience and its something I want to do. Mindset change:  Stop being afraid. What’s worse that could happen?  I don’t like the experience? I’m not doing it for likes. Remember?  I’m engaging for the experience. The experience will determine if I liked it or not. Take a chance and move forward.   

I really can’t remember when the last time I did something I never done before. Really I can’t, but there is so much I would like to do. I think it was horseback riding. I conquered horseback riding in 2004.  Oh my! I must work on my never done before list, before it turns into a bucket list.  So that’s my goal for next year.  Work my bad habits into new habits, new experiences,  managing my time, and quench my thirst of some new knowledge.  This set right is going to change my life.

Hoping you all can find the time to enjoy your lives as much as possible. None of us are guaranteed another day, much less another chance at anything in this life.  So if it’s offered to us, we should think about taking it! God Bless!


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