Gathering Our Selves

... we gather under the full radiant beauty of the moon goddess or gather When we fall fragmented, we are actually beside ourselves energetically and need to gather ourselves back together again. Have you ever felt like this?  My sister and I were discussing what happens to us when we get this feeling.  Some call it lazy.  I call it time to be still.  Our lives are often like storms and falling leaves of our concentration and contentment to the winds.  It makes you wonder how we can keep on keeping on. The purpose of this fraying feeling is to align our physical, emotional, and mental elements under our Higher Selves, which moves us from feeling beside ourselves to being integrated. Visualize your physical, mental and emotional selves. After you see your three selves, envision your Higher self, your spiritual part- above them. Now merge your Higher Self with your parts and begin to feel a sense of calm.

The exercise may seem simplistic, but it speaks powerfully to our subconscious mind and allows us to gather our energy together. Naturally balancing and harmonizing our feelings is a great exercise.  Standing in  our own skins, rather than being beside ourselves allows us to move constructively through our busy lives, feeling in sync.

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