Filter Your Thoughts


Bet you didn’t know that what you think determines the direction and quality of your life, did you?  The Bible encourages us to think on things that are pure, wholesome and of a good repore (Phil. 4:8).  In order to think on the right things, it is important that you filter what you watch, read and listen to.  Don’t let the enemy slowly deceive you into lowering your core values or desensitizing you to what is good and pure.  Don’t give him an opportunity to pull you down by watching or being involved in things that are questionable.

 You are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Fill your thoughts with the promises of God found in His Word- the promise of peace, joy and freedom. The promise of safety, deliverance and provision. The promise of a future and a hope that are only found through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As you fill your thoughts today, let it be with God’s Word, victory will come alive in every area of your life!

Inspired by Me , Joel Osteen 


2 thoughts on “Filter Your Thoughts

  1. Hello Family:

    I love this Barb…many do not know that the bible states; as a man thinks so is he (or what he/she will become). It is not what other people think of us that determines our destiny. It is our own thoughts that keep us bound! We can not rise above what we think of ourselves. God also said that he would give us the desires of our heart!

    What is your desire for 2015!

    PS: I am determined to make this one of the best years of my life. The bible stated; that my days to come will be better than my former days.

    PROVERBS 23:7

    Love you family!
    Be Blessed Georgeanna


    1. There is so much I seek for 2015, but God keeps filling my heart with his deeds. He listens well. Since I was a child I either wanted to teach or be a secretary. Well I was a secretary already for several years. The desire to teach again has surfaced at God’s will. I am going for my literacy test in a few weeks. My next service is weekend tutoring at the local libraries. I can’t make this journey up, I just follow. God is awesome!


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