Welcoming Our Angels

Do you believe in angels?  Do you believe they fly around in the sky and sprinkle you with lucky spray? lol My friends little 4-year-old girl had this story of God’s Angel to share.  She is too cute!

She said her angels name is Farin. Farin often sprinkles lucky spray around her when she wants treats from her parents.  Her angel is born by God but she looks like the tooth fairy, lol. We all remember the tooth fairy, right?  Well Farin will sing to her when she has a tummy ache. Farin always shows up when she needs her most times.  Only one time recently her angel forgot to help.  My little friend was heartbroken.  She said her school teacher didn’t  have enough pencils for class so she had to cut boxtops(?) off the cereal boxes and other boxes.  One day she lost the bag containing all her boxtops.  She was upset because Farin couldn’t help her find the bag.  What really conspired was her dad threw the bag in the trash and didn’t realize the boxtops were in it. Needless to say, she wasn’t able to contribute to the school’s supply that week. So the next week Farin figured this out and sent her 2 box of pencils and 2 box of crayons in the mailbox, lol.  She was the happiest little girl telling this story. Soooo cute!  God Bless her.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Our Angels

  1. Very nice story : )
    Yes, I believe in angels, as I have my own. And they are all around me. Some live here on earth and others don’t. Some call them, angels, they have been called ghost, and the newest term for them is “watchers”. It doesn’t matter….it’s a positive energy to help in any way they can and when needed.
    But I like your story. As help comes in different ways.

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