Defensive Praise

This is an excerpt taken from a book I read. It is just as powerful today as it was when I first read it. I feel like we as woman are powerful creaures because of our faith in God. Please read with an open mind.

The Lord is your defense.  You do not have to defend yourself.  When God has delivered you, do not stop what you are doing to answer your accusers.  Continue to bless His name, because you do not want your attitude to become defensive.  When you have been through difficult times, you cannot afford to play around with moods and attitudes.  Depression and defensiveness may make you vulnerable to the devil.

This woman had to protect herself by entering into defensive praise. This was not just praise of thanksgiving, it was defensive praise.  Defensive praise is a strategy and a posture of war that says, “We will not allow our attitude to crumble and fall.”

When you get to the point that you quit defending yourself or attacking others, you open up a door for the Lord to fight for you.

When this woman began to bless God, she built walls around her own deliverance. She decided to keep the kind of attitude that enabled the deliverance of God to be maintained in her life.  When you have been through surgery, you cannot afford to fool around with band-aids. This is a thought process that you can control. Don’t succumb to the enemy, keep your power and strength and don’t let the enemy change you. Stay exactly the way God wants you to be, kind and loving.

Woman, thou Art Loosed by TD Jakes

2 thoughts on “Defensive Praise

  1. Woman Thou Art Loosed is a powerful book that, when applied, can set us free from the bondage of self-recrimination, self-justification, and the need to defend ourselves against detractors. As people of God, we are washed in the blood of Christ, cleansed (and need to continually be cleansed, like taking a shower) from sin. We do still make mistakes, mess up, and sin, but we have an advocate named Jesus who defends us when the enemy, the old accuser begins to dredge up the past. When he starts dredging, we start praising God and the devil can’t stand it. We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us, and gave Himself for us. Rom. 8:37.


    1. Hi lovessiamese! Good Sunday Monday and thanks for your comment. I gather you’ve read this book! You are correct in saying the book can be applied to our lives. It is the tool in which we need to be more like Christ. I really enjoyed it and hope you did as well.


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