The spiritual journey of every believer can be enhanced by reference to these three symbols–like gauges on the control panel of our lives.

The altar, our spiritual center. It is here that we spend time with God in prayer and worship. It is here where we develop and strengthen our covenant with God. Are the coals warm on our heart’s altar or has the fire gone out? Do we grasp its importance? Do we enjoy the time we spend here with God?  

The tent, our relational center. This is where we bond with family, receive friends, and show hospitality to strangers. It is our family’s protective shield. Does everyone under our canopy know how much they are loved?

The well, our physical center. What goes into our bodies? Does it nourish and provide refreshment? Do we consider the quantity and quality of what we consume so that we always have the health and energy to do God’s will and serve the needs of others?

The formation of a relationship with God.....I have my altar and I have my tent.  Over the years the well has needed some work though.  I love food, especially good food and I don't like exercise. I just couldn't help myself. It seems getting my eating habits under control is tougher than I'd imagined.  I was so used to eating what I liked.  I had an experience with overeating that became habitual and I just wasn't happy about it. I felt like the food was so heavy in my body I couldn't move. Then, afterwards I'd feel yukky for a few days. I realized that I must eat foods that nourish my body, instead of satisfying my taste buds.  I love fruit but it has to be fresh, not in a can.  Raw veggies are a huge part of my diet.  I also have a thing for homemade ice tea with ginger and honey. I gave up red meats for awhile. I still don't eat as much now. 

Our body is important in our spiritual journey.  Good nourishment provides clarity in our thinking and allows us to move around freely. I really do see a difference in my energy level. I see a difference when I eat more fruits and veggies vs the overstock of carbs and the unhealthy snack attacks.  I have made this promise to myself, to continue to do better along my journey.

Inspired by Joel Osteen

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