A Love Of My Own

Love and relationships.   This is one area of my life that could use some healing.  We all want to be loved by someone.   We all want someone to love. We all need healing when things go sour from time to time.

What do I know about love?  I can honestly say that what I thought I knew, turns out I really don’t know much at all.  I’m still learning.   I heard, if you really love someone, the love never dies.  Is that part true?  True love does not die. There is a spot in your heart that is kept for certainty. I can love, and I can receive love.  Can you?  I ask because there are some who can not love.  I know it’s hard to believe but some people can’t receive love nor return love.  I wonder why that is.  Is it choice? Is it circumstance? What do you think?

I also heard that a man only really loves one woman in his entire life?  Could that be his Mom?  First love?  Wife?  No, his daughter?  Is it the same for women?  We only get one true love too? Dad? Son? First boyfriend, or Hubby?

Well, God can help us with this.  If we practice loving ourselves and others the same way He loves on us; then we would master learning to love and to be loved.  But first, we have to love God.  Do you love God first?  I do!  He is an awesome God, right?   Often times I’ve asked God for direction with my relationships.  Not just the intimate  ones, but the friendships, the associates and even family relationships. God’s love and support are essential in my life. I pray for the strength, the guidance, and protection over my life. With this I am guaranteed to love and be loved.

How important is love in your life?

Thks for sharing 🙂

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