Strengthen Your Relationship

Lessons I’ve learned
If time alone were the main ingredient for a loving relationship, then everyone would be in bliss at any given moment.  But the fuel that really keeps the fires burning is attention, care and quality time.  It is the time and attention that make the difference.  If you feel that you aren’t getting the same kind of thoughtfulness in return, talk about it; don’t let it slide or take it to bed.  There is nothing wrong with conflict, as long as you learn how to work with it and accept your differences.
Greet each other at the door with a hug and kiss when you leave and return; check in throughout the day and ask how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking.  Tune into your love for one another.  Remember what bought you together in the first place will keep you together.  
Always think about your deepest intentions.  What do you want from your relationship?  If it’s money or intimacy , it will never be enough.  If its security and safety, you will never be completely safe and secure.  But, if it is love and be loved, there’s a good chance you’ll find it. Whenever you forget why you’re together,  return to the heart. The heart remembers everything.

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