Who Are You? Parent or Buddy?

We learn our greatest lessons from our parents. How to cook, how to clean, how to tie our shoes, how to smile at people and how to have an attitude.  Sometimes people will wonder why is my child like that?  Where did he/she learn that? If the child is young…look in the mirror. Everything you do in front of the child, he/she will attempt try it.  Everything you say around the child, they will repeat it at some time.  Children absorb things good and bad then they act on it good or bad when no one’s watching. I remember my daughter at age 7.  One day I was in the kitchen and I heard my daughter say a curse word.  I was totally shocked.  Really I was, because she is the timid type, real quiet, shy like.  But she dropped something on the floor and when I heard the Oh S***!! coming from the room I was shocked. At the moment, I thought it was someone else in her room.   I walked in the room and she said, “Oh did I say S***?” covering her mouth. I said, yes you did.  She said, sorry Mom, but I spilled nail polish all over. I asked her, ” where did you hear that word?”  She said, TV.  I said, ” no you didn’t.  Did you hear me say that before?”  I knew she did and she admitted it.  But, they listen very well around the house.  They listen to gossip, tongue lashing, they feel the anger and everything else negative.  Children also listen to goodness as well, but it’s common sense for them to be good.  We sometimes make them bad.  So let’s be careful about who we let around our kids.  Let’s always consider a healthy choice of words and actions around them.

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