Nothing Can Bring You Peace But Yourself

Have you ever felt so uneasy about so many different things, all at once?   That’s usually a sign that your soul is seeking peace. When this restlessness grows acute, you feel the need to move around or do something.  You continue to grow restless and everything becomes noisier.  It feels like the world is moving faster and faster as you grow discontented. Then you realize there is no peace in my world.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: ” Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”  Emerson understood that true peace is a quality you carry within yourself regardless of external circumstances. Reserving time daily is a great way to find peace within.  Even just a few minutes alone can bring you back into balance.  Sit back, close your eyes, breathe and let your mind and body relax.

This exercise can help you realize that its not the events of the moment that steal your peace of mind; its the negative interpretation of the events that cause stress and disturb you.

Jesus acknowledged this truth and taught about the existence of an inner peace that passes all understanding, a peace that is not dependent on circumstance.  Make contact with your inner realm of peace. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, of giving and forgiving to find peace within.

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