He Must Know God

“Way too many possibilities, not enough potentials”.  God knows who He will be. Do you? Did you know God is making your suit just as you are reading this post? Believe that! Your suit will fit perfectly on you, when He’s ready. You need not do a thing, but patiently wait…..observe and listen to God’s calling on your love life. 
Remember the days when the man would court you around town, whisper in your ear, smile at you, hug your neck or tickle you? Maybe give you a flower from the parks’ garden.  That was all he had to do. He picked you up in his car; dropped you off at your front door. Those were signs of a gentlemen-caller. He was calling for you to acknowledge him so he could be comfortable with you. He was waiting to say I love you; marry me please, let’s have a family. Today the understanding of love is too complicated, yet critical. Love is not really love, unless you know how to love and accept only love.  Some people mistake lust and attention for love.  Let’s not get it twisted.
When He comes you will know.  God will make sure of the following. He will only send the best Man he can be. He is a gentlemen. He makes quality time just for you. He has space to share with you. He shares his true feelings, his life is an open book. He is a communicator; vocabulary words contain ‘We and Us”. You will always be on his mind and he will have great respect and appreciation just for you.  He is family-oriented and he loves people. If you’ve never been in love He will seem special, unbelievably remarkable, unsurpassed, unique like no one you’ve known before. But His chest will arch straight up to the heavens, that’s where his poise comes from. You will see that light shine down upon Him.  That light has certain attributes and perfections only made by God.  God is light.  There is no darkness in Him. That’s your suit; put it on. That’s your man!

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