About Me

Welcome to wiseandloving blogosphere! My name is Barbara Ward and this is my creation.  I started this blog just a few weeks ago ( Sept 2014) as part of my spiritual growth and healing process.  It has enhanced my creative, spiritual and personal growth. I currently reside in New Jersey, USA. I am the very proud mother of two beautiful young ladies, Niesha and Ashley.  I also have a 3 year old grandson, Eric who you will see around my blogosphere. I have wanted to share my beliefs and incredible love for GOD for so long. wiseandloving will give me the platform to do so. I hope that you will open your heart and mind when visiting my creation. All information stated here is personally written from experience, teachings and knowledge I carry throughout my life. Scriptures cited from the Holy Bible, free images from the web and family/friend contribution are all a blessing. I appreciate all positive comments and posts. Please visit as often as you like. GOD BLESS!