Are You Standing By Your Core?

     The more we honor ourselves by standing by our core beliefs and feelings, the more loving toward others we become.     Having the heart to stand by our core requires that we peel away the layers of “he wants’, “they expect,” and “I should” in order to find the “I am,”, “I… Continue reading Are You Standing By Your Core?

Living In Your Spiritual Lightness

Good Morning!  As the sun rises this morning, it is easy to see why light is a blessing — it is essential for sight and the growing of things.  Yet spiritual light is even more amazing because it produces goodness, righteousness, and truth. Wake up sleepy! Christ will give you light. EPHESIANS 5:14   His radiance will heal the areas of hurt hidden deep within you that prevent you from growing.  So rise from your sleep and be ready to live in the light today.  Let Our Savior illuminate your life, rekindle your goodness, help you to grow in righteousness, and light your way to the truth.

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A New Day, Another Chance

Have you ever wondered why nothing around you is changing?  It’s simply because you are not changing it.  We are creatures of habit and nothing will ever change for us. FALSE!  Direct your own change by changing your own habits; changing your own thinking and your own doing.  I’ve been telling myself for years, I… Continue reading A New Day, Another Chance

Are We Being Polite Anymore?

What’s the magic word? PLEASE!

What’s the magic word? THANK YOU!

Those childhood days I remember well. Parents would make you say hello, please and thank you to strangers and elder folk.   I remember my brothers teasing me with candies they bought from the corner store.  They would not give me the candy unless I said, PLEASE and I had better say THANK YOU after receiving it.  My grade school teachers even bestowed the please and thank you in us on the first day of school.  Those were the days. What’s happened to those days? Nowadays a simple greet like hello and good morning is like pulling teeth from some people.  Really, and your expecting a please and thank you from them too?  That’s a lot of teeth to give up, lol.  I don’t understand. It feels like rudeness rules the world at times.  What happened to being polite to everyone?   It’s so easy to smile and greet a person. Why can’t some people be polite? Why is it so difficult?  It’s ok to say good morning, please and thank you it’s the polite thing to do.

What do you have to be thankful for? Journal #3

How often do you update your gratitude list?  I started my list in 2012.  I add to it often. I just started my third journal of gratitude and decided to share it with you.  This list below is noted on the first few pages.  A few duplicates but not many.  It proves to me that… Continue reading What do you have to be thankful for? Journal #3

True story! Where are you with Jesus right now?

                                                                                 My pastor asked us once, on a scale between 1 to -10 or +10, where… Continue reading True story! Where are you with Jesus right now?

Our Veterans Are Our Heros

Our Veterans are our heros. Literally they hold up the land of the free, protect us from outside forces so that we may walk the land in peace. Let us honor the men and woman who bravely put their lives on the line for American citizens daily. Let us honor them everyday, but especially today.… Continue reading Our Veterans Are Our Heros

wiseandloving Book Club Update

Hello wiseandloving Nation! We have chosen the first book for discussion starting November 15th. Please pick up your book from any local book outlet. THE CHOSEN BOOK IS………. Re-Present Jesus: Rethink Your Version of Christianity and Become More like Christ  by Dharius Daniels (Author) You can find this book on the following links:… Continue reading wiseandloving Book Club Update


  Happy Day to You! I hope you are enjoying this today! I just want to remind you that today is GODs’ day and not to forget to seek his planner for the day. All day, all week, all month and all year, we will be challenged, stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. Our family, our work,… Continue reading GODS’ PLANNER FOR TODAY


   “It’s been a looooooong time coming. I knoooow a change is gonna come.”  Here is a song by one of my favorite artist Wayne Brady. I pray that Wayne will motivate a change in you today…………..Some-things gotta change.  BUT…….. Nothing will ever change in your life until you change it. Change takes effort, patience and endurance. When… Continue reading Change

Is Lifes purpose to die? What is lifes purpose?

I found these questions on one of the media sites and I have been thinking about this for a few days.  Not because I didn’t know how to answer, but because I  wanted to share my belief with my devoted followers.  I don’t believe we are born to die. No, no of course not.  We are SPIRIT. … Continue reading Is Lifes purpose to die? What is lifes purpose?


Is there someone in your life you need to forgive? If you believe in someone, then you need to forgive them. Forgiveness is for you, not the person who wronged you. Forgiveness helps relieve the pressure of feeling you have been wronged or discarded.  No one person is perfect. We all make misjudgments.   I’ve… Continue reading Forgiveness