Our babies are precious at any age

Children are our most precious beings. Your relationship with your children should be healthy at all times, especially on your worse day.  Remember children come into the world pure and unfiltered.  As they get older they tend to covet what they see and hear. Those negatives now become a part of your child. Be extra careful what you say to your children.

10 things not to say or do to a child:

  1. Never tell your child they don’t do things right. Instead teach them to do it right.
  2. Never say, “You are not my favorite”. It will make the kids jealous of each other.
  3. Never say you don’t have time for your child. Make the time.
  4. Never tell your child he or she is wrong. Try offering another possibility.
  5. Never bribe the kid into cleaning his or her personal space. Instead, make it part of their weekly chore.
  6. Never say, “I don’t care” to your child. The child will believe you and treat you that way.
  7. Don’t smoke around your kids. 9 out of 10 times they will probably smoke.
  8. Never throw things at a child. Hand it to them.
  9. Never tell your kid not to cry. They should express the emotion, not contain the emotion.
  10. Don’t say, “Get over here right now!” Give them a little time to respond.

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