Stay at Home Mom

Just recently I had a chance to speak with my daughter about her life and the changes she committed too approximately 3 years ago. Mrs. Niesha expresses her life as a Stay-at-Home Mom. Niesha has a BA in English and an Associates in Business.  She enjoys modeling, writing stories and poetry.  She is 5 years married, maintains her household, supports the family business and cares for her 3 year son. The decision to stay at home was wisely based on two things.  The first being her child was born premature and needed special care to the age of  6 – 8 months. Daycare was not an option. The second reason was because daycare is way too expensive.


Here is my conversation with Niesha about her daily comings and goings and how stay at home transposed her life.

Me: How does it feel to be a stay at home mom?

Niesha:  It’s overwhelming and there are challenges.  There are days when I feel like I am being defeated.  There are days when I don’t feel like there is enough time to complete everything that needs to be done.  Not to mention, when you have a three-year old there is no such thing as a schedule.  Whatever’s going on that day, is what we will do.  I’ve learned to pick my battles because that lessens the stress for me.  Some days are good, some not. However, what I do appreciate is being able to care for my child and watch him grow.  I’m witnessing all the milestones.  I’m not spending 8 hrs. wondering what he’s doing or if he is happy today.

Me:  Why did you choose to be a stay at home mom?

Niesha:  I didn’t.  It choose me. The circumstance surrounding my son’s birth was not anticipated, therefore I had to adapt to his needs, quickly. Otherwise, I would still be teaching. 

Me: How long have you been a stay at home Mom? 

Niesha:  Too long!  just kidding!  Umm, 3 years and counting.”

Me: What is the hardest part of being a stay at home mom?

Niesha:  A lot!  It is hard!  It’s not easy finding daily activities for my son.  It’s hard to schedule a daily routine for him.  It’s overwhelming at times, you know?  Trying to take care of a three yr. old and take care of the home as well. Oh and don’t forget the hubbie, he needs care too!

Tink in tree

Me:  What is the easiest part of being a stay at home mom?  

Niesha:  There is nothing easy about being a stay at home Mom.  It’s just like a 9-5 job, believe it or not.  The brain is still processing, stressing and projecting all day long.  Some people can’t comprehend that.  If there is an easy part, it’s being able to care for and love my child at will. I am grateful for all the moments and all the memories, thus far.

Me:  What type of stay at home mom are you?

Niesha:  I am a free spirit!  I let my child do whatever he likes.  If  he wants a pizza for breakfast, I let him have it.  If  he likes a lollipop at 10 am I let him have it.    I got over the idea of feeling like you should ignore things your child may want to experience.   Many parents believe that some things are unhealthy to your child. But he is not a junk food eater at will.  He likes to try different things. My philosophy is if he wants a lollipop, a cupcake or a muffin and it’s 10 a.m. then by all means….have it!  It satisfies him and I can have the mental capacity to move about my day.  And… If he doesn’t want those things, I don’t force them on him. He is old enough to speak his needs.

That is a blessing!

Me:  What’s your day-to-day stay at home day like?

Niesha:  Oh let’s see!  Breakfast, check emails, pay bills, laundry, put clothes away, watch kid shows, nap time, shower, get dressed and grocery shop.   Play date if scheduled; now he’s in pre-school 3 days a week for 4 hrs. per day. So I manage the family business. (Check us out in your spare time. Feel free to contact us for your interior/exterior home improvement needs  We run errands in the afternoon, stop by Nannies, visit friends,  go home make dinner, read, play more games, bathe, whine down with prime-time and sleep by 10:30 pm.

Me:  How do you keep your sense of self?

Niesha:  I don’t!  I lost it a long time ago.  I am all about my kid, my family.  But I plan on getting me back real soon.  Since my son is finally potty trained and in preschool.  I’m getting ready to fly again.  Three years has been plentiful.

As we wrapped up the chat I reminded her of how blessed she is. How often do you find a loving family who can work together as a unit, instead of selfishly living amongst each other.  Family does come first!!!




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