WooWoo! Kiehls Coupon! Good till Dec!

Free samples too! Go shopping!

Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily CleanserCurrently using the Pore Cleanser $22.00.  It’s been 3 weeks and I see the difference.  Also my face doesn’t sweat anymore.

                                                                                Ultra Facial Collection Set, , largeUltra Face Kit

Facial Cleanse Kit $45. Cleanser, Toner, Masque.



Repair Balm Extra Dry Skin  $18

Intense relief for your dry skin.   

I need this badly.  Winter’s coming.  I bought this before and it works wonders on your skin.


Soft Shower Cream Almond from CaliforniaMy all time favorite shower gel.  These gels dont make you itch like others. Plus they have just the right amount of fragrance.  Not over powering.  It is paraben free and has all natural ingredients.  $4 for this!

Plus they give you free gifts each time you order.  Love it!!


Replenishing Body MoisturizerAveda Replenishing Daily Moisturizer $28.00

Somewhat pricey but smell divine and makes your skin soft.  Love it!!

Nourish-Mint™ Renewing Lip TreatmentI don’t wear lipstick too much, but I use this lip treatment to keep my lips soft and moisterized.  For $16 I make it last forever. I am a Lip Gloss Lady !

nourish-mint™ renewing lip treatment

a gift of smilesNourishing Lip Glaze  $22.00. These minis are filled with peppermint, ginger and vanilla.


And some other stuff I use from time to time.         Studio 35 Light Sesame Body Oil                                                                                                    Studio 35 Light Sesame Body Oil

This smells so fresh, so nice.   Soaks into damp skin and makes you soft and glowy. $9.99 at your local Walgreens.


                                                                  Soaps    #1 soap supplier Yardley.  These soaps are underated and they smell so good.  They are now being sold in the dollar store, so I buy them all. A 10% off sale going on now until November 23rd.

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