“Without Hesitation” by DAB

Because you gave without hesitation.  

I received what I put out into the universe per “The Secret” principles.  I called for help. I received the answer the same day. You had no knowledge of it.

You gave without hesitation.

The call was the same day you answered.  I asked GOD and my guardians for help.  And I put a large note, written in red ink on the dining room table during the month of May. It is still there.

You gave without hesitation.

You said yes right away. You didnt hesitate at all. 

I asked. I received about one week later.

You never asked why or what for. You just gave without hesitation.

I cried when you said that you will help me, love me and support me.

      Then, I remembered. All you have to do is ask GOD, believe and receive.  I know it’s true and it works, because it happened to me.

             A poem of I love you! And I thank you for giving without hesitation!

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