Are We Being Polite Anymore?

What’s the magic word? PLEASE!

What’s the magic word? THANK YOU!

Those childhood days I remember well. Parents would make you say hello, please and thank you to strangers and elder folk.   I remember my brothers teasing me with candies they bought from the corner store.  They would not give me the candy unless I said, PLEASE and I had better say THANK YOU after receiving it.  My grade school teachers even bestowed the please and thank you in us on the first day of school.  Those were the days. What’s happened to those days? Nowadays a simple greet like hello and good morning is like pulling teeth from some people.  Really, and your expecting a please and thank you from them too?  That’s a lot of teeth to give up, lol.  I don’t understand. It feels like rudeness rules the world at times.  What happened to being polite to everyone?   It’s so easy to smile and greet a person. Why can’t some people be polite? Why is it so difficult?  It’s ok to say good morning, please and thank you it’s the polite thing to do.

Today’s Sure Thing

GOOD MORNING!  MORNING BLESSING TO ALL!! The Lord may have surprises for you today. They are a part of His ongoing creation in your life.  But His surprises are always custom-designed just for you, on the solid foundation of His love.  It is always His desire that you experience the highest and best in your life.… Continue reading Today’s Sure Thing

Good Morning Blessing ~ Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Good Morning wiseandloving Nation! Thank you for beginning your day with me and GOD.  My prayer for you today is that you nourish your body with a hearty breakfast and feed your soul with GOD’s grace. There is nothing that will affect your life in such a powerful, meaningful and satisfying way as seeking GOD… Continue reading Good Morning Blessing ~ Sunday, October 19th, 2014


GOD Morning! Yes….. GOD Morning! It’s September 22nd, 2014 Thank GOD its Monday! lol We get another day to cherish! Go steal the day! The sun is shining bright and it is still warm outside.  The little critters are out and about collecting stock for the coming cool weather.  I hope that you will steal this day and… Continue reading TGIM!