wiseandloving Book Club Update

Hello wiseandloving Nation! We have chosen the first book for discussion starting November 15th. Please pick up your book from any local book outlet. THE CHOSEN BOOK IS………. Re-Present Jesus: Rethink Your Version of Christianity and Become More like Christ  by Dharius Daniels (Author) You can find this book on the following links: http://www.amazon.com/ http://www.barnesandnoble.com/… Continue reading wiseandloving Book Club Update


   “It’s been a looooooong time coming. I knoooow a change is gonna come.”  Here is a song by one of my favorite artist Wayne Brady. I pray that Wayne will motivate a change in you today…………..Some-things gotta change.  BUT…….. Nothing will ever change in your life until you change it. Change takes effort, patience and endurance. When… Continue reading Change

Do you hear what I hear?

Sometimes we run so fast through life, trying to keep up with everyone, trying to keep things in place, trying to deal with issues we have no control over. Often times we just don’t have the time nor patience to breathe, much less deal with all this day-to-day stuff.   This is the time to… Continue reading Do you hear what I hear?

Spiritual Laws for Life

 Devote myself to putting GOD first in my life.  Show appreciation/gratitude daily.  Spend quality time with GOD daily ( 10-minute prayer, in thought or verbal conversation). Examine daily, my spirit and how it affects my outer-world (physical). Commit to plan that will strengthen my physical body, mind and soul. ( exercise, meditation, yoga, etc.) Pay… Continue reading Spiritual Laws for Life