Connecting With People

A few years back I had organized a woman’s group called ” Sistagirlfriends4life”.  It was a group of beautiful, smart, successful women I knew and had befriended for years.  We would gather once a month at someone’s home and do potluck or take out. We often took in a movie or event. We did breakfast, lunch or dinner. We had amazing times together. During this time we talked about GOD, family, kids, fashion, women stuff and everything else.

I had started the group during a time when I was exiting the wilderness. I had just come to terms with some major issues that were going on in my life. Just wandering through life waiting for something.  Not even sure what. Believe it or not, in my mind I really wasn’t missing anything.  I had all I needed. Except a deeper connection to GOD. I was feeling like there was nobody in the world except me. I did what I needed to do on a daily basis, but other than that… I had no life. I couldn’t remember the last time someone touched my shoulder, or my hand. I wasn’t tender and bonding to the kids.  I really was missing something. I was missing a connection to other souls.  I was missing spending quality time with the people in my life. I allowed work to consume me. I allowed my business to consume me. Everything had to wait on me. Eventually it becomes tiresome and when you need your loved ones around, they tend to fade away.  They fade away feeling like you are too busy for them.  Too busy for anybody.  After talking to GOD about some things and surrendering that energy, i felt like connecting to people.  The ladies are a blessing because we’ve built lifetime friendships. Our purpose of connecting is to edify each other through sharing, praying and eating.  I went back to school and got a Pharmacy Tech License.  I didn’t need the money, what I do is volunteer work in Pharmacies….to connect.  I went back to church, became the Church Greeter……to connect. Connecting with people is part of your life purpose.

For what ever time you may have left in this world; don’t spend it neglecting the important people around you.  Connect with them.  Spend the time connecting to people who can empower you and support your best self.  You know who these people are. They are the roots in your tree, your foundation. Love on them and treat them the same as always. Love them today and tomorrow.

10-30-14 connect

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