Thinking of you always!

Lets celebrate birthdays, give love to those we lost so soon, bless those on the way and favor those we cherish everyday.

One thought on “Thinking of you always!

  1. On Sept 16 I turned 50 years old. Yes the big 50!!! Thank you Jesus I made it. When I was younger I would always say, I cant wait to turn 50 years old. I really hope I make it.” Well the day came. Everyone keeps asking how does it feel to be 50 years old. I keep telling everyone, it feels like 49!!! So my daughter buys me a card that reads as follows: TODAY THE AGE 50 WILL BE REDEFINED BY SOMEONE WHO TRULY IS ONE OF A KIND….NOT “OVER THE HILL, ” BUT “ON TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN” – THAT KIND OF YOUTH DOESN’T COME FROM A FOUNTAIN, BUT FLOWS FROM A HEART THAT IS CARING AND GIVING, DREAMS THAT ARE DARED, A PASSION FOR LIVING- FROM TEARS AND LAUGHTER WITH NO ROOM FOR REGRETS…. AND A SMILE THATS SAYS, ” YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET. OH my! The kid knows me so well!! lol (it’s my favorite American Greetings card)

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