GOD’s Grace and Friendship ~ My Tribute to Annie

My best friend and I share a friendship for over 45 years to date.  We say 50 years because our families grew up in the same neighborhood, on the same street before we were even born. We attended the same schools since kindergarten, had the same teachers most of the time.

My  best friend is GeorgeAnna. I call her Annie (me on the left and AnnieBoo on the right). I’ve known her so long I can’t remember meeting her.  Running up and down the block as a child and suddenly she was there. She just appeared in my kindergarten class, that’s where we became friends at the age of 5. Kindergarten used to be 1/2 day session, either AM or PM class.  I remember we were together AM hrs then she disappeared. I later discovered Annie was switched to PM hour.  It didn’t matter because I saw her everyday anyway. She lived only 5 houses down on the other side of the street.  The block was so small I could see her front door from my door. So every time she or I would come outside we would play jacks or jump rope together. Our dads were friends.  They did what men normally did back then…hung out on the stoop, laughing and chatting away until night fall. I’ll fast forward to high school.  Still living on the same block Annie and I used to hang out at parties, date guys that were friends to each other. We used to walk downtown to shop and go to the movies. As teens we cooked, cleaned and grocery shopped together.  We used to hang out at the community center across the street from my house. We had amazing times in our teen years.  After high school, I lost her for a few years. She went off to college down south. I stayed up north. So our friendship wasn’t as strong as in school, but we managed to stay in touch often.  Later on I got married, she got married, I got divorced, she got divorced, I had kids, she had a kid.  Through-out it all we remained friends. We are always there for each other. Today we are both 50 years of age and we look and feel amazing! All credit due to the Power and Strength of the Lord!!

If you ever need a prayer warrior call Annie. I testify that she has a direct line to JESUS. I am blessed to have such a wonderful, caring and thoughtful being in my life for over 40+ years. She confessed to our Lord and Savior at a very young age and has followed ever since. Surrounding herself with love and everything good & positive in life. Just a few years back I seriously took a look at my own life as mother, daughter, sister, friend and decided I wanted to be where she is in Christ.  So I began to listen closely to her terminology, her thinking and doing.  I saw how she was happy & joyful in her life. Not much worry. Annie had told me about how Jesus saved her. She opened her heart, stayed still in worrisome times and surrendered her soul to Jesus.  He leads the way for her.  Her circles became smaller and smaller, but her love for everyone has grown tremendously.  I can now see her work in me. Today we are growing together in CHRIST. AMEN! Just recently we were able to get together for a Women’s Praise & Worship at her church.  We had a wonderful time.  The evenings event focused on the theme “Covergirl”, no not the makeup.  This event taught  women how to cover each other under GODs grace through friendship.  It taught us to love on each other and to hold each one accountable to the Lord. We are never our own fans, but we must learn to see ourselves the way GOD sees us. Victorious in all areas of our lives.   This event truly  strengthened our friendship and perplexed it into soul mate status. It was a powerful evening.  We will never forget the event.  I personally believe that all woman should praise and worship together more often.  We both acknowledged that throughout our crazy lives, we are both still here and still friends. Then it dawned on her that  45+ yrs later of any relationship is beyond friendship status, we are soul mates.  GOD has been faithful and we are still here and still friends. WHAT A BLESSING!!

6 thoughts on “GOD’s Grace and Friendship ~ My Tribute to Annie

  1. Barbara has always been a blessing. Always, caring and giving. When I look back over my life, our friendship and the times that we have spent together always bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. It does not surprise me that Barbara decided to reach out and enrich people’s life through her blog. When I was playing jump rope or jacks growing up, you could always find Barb reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle or word search. She is still an avid reader and loves the written word. Barbara is has always been a blessing, and has wisdom beyond her years!

    The Friday Night, 26 September 2014, Kingdom Church (KCNJ.org) The Covergirl Ladies Night sleepover was incredible! Such an amazing encounter with GOD! I was blessed to be able to share it with my best friend Barbara. As, Barbara and I are next leveling our LIFE for Jesus… we are also next leveling our friendship.

    I would say to anyone reading this post! If you do not know Jesus as LORD and Savior; once you Confess him, your life will change. But, do not be confused …because you live in the World you are still subjected to challenges and obstacles. Because the devil your adversary is real. But, once you learn to focus on Jesus (see him and not your problems), Your problems will appear minuscule because you now serve a JESUS that is Magnanimous… once your focus changes, your mindset will change, your confessions, conversations and your friendships (associations) will change. Therefore, your LIFE will change for the Better. I desire to be an ambassador for Christ!

    Therefore, if you commit to be more like Jesus; which is not judgmental or condescending, but caring and loving you will begin to experience Peace and JOY that only Christ can give! Than you too will be able to LOVE and share the LOVE of Jesus! The bible says if you do not have friends; that is because you do not show yourself friendly!

    Barbara, thank you for being a woman of GOD that makes one proud! You are a godly example; a positive image to be emulated by your daughters, grandson, co-workers and now the world.

    Barbara, I love you 4 LIFE … see you in Heaven!


    1. I know, we go through life not really focusing on the real or truth about who we are. To us we have just been friends forever, sistagirlfriends.
      It took us to 50 to realize that its much more than a friendship. It’s a blessing!


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