Reading Now – RePresent Jesus By Dharius Daniels 11-16-14 Chapters 4-6

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11-16-14  Chapters 4-6

Pastor Daniels tell a story of wealth, well being and wisdom.  Three men named wealth, well being and wisdom knock on this woman’s door.   She can only let in one of them.  Which one do you think she chose?  Which one would you have chosen?  Why?

Jesus chose wisdom and he embodied it. So he never had to worry about wealth, wellness, health, wholeness or anything in between. Part of the problem with Christianity is that most of us still believe it is something we do, not something we are. We run towards answers that tend to focus on morality and behavior.  We think about habits we need to break and relationships we need to do away with. Not only must you BEHAVE like a Christian, you must THINK like one, DECIDE like one and PLAN like one.

Christian ways like demonstrating love, speaking truth and offering grace is re-presenting Christ. We must go beyond our  comfort zone of Christian morality to discuss ways of being and thinking.  We must move from conduct to character because it is our thinking that controls our doing.  If we do this we will begin to see godliness as more than moral living.


“Let’s clarify what Jesus meant when he said love one another, even our enemies. It’s not instruction oh how to feel, it’s a better understanding on how to treat others. Biblical love is about activity, not just affection. “

WOW!  I always thought love your enemies mean’t kill ’em with kindness.  Seriously I did.


“Addressing the importance and significance of truth. Tell the truth and live it. Be real, because being fake is exhausting.”

This is so true! I don’t like liars.  Why lie? Have you ever had someone look you directly in the eye and tell you a lie?  How about this one….Have you ever been told a lie, you know it’s a lie and so does the person telling it? lol.  Lying is the most stressful and exhausting untruth in the world. Speak the truth!


Re-Present Jesus: Rethink Your Version of Christianity and Become More like Christ 

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