Reading Now – RePresent Jesus By Dharius Daniels 11-18-14 Chapter 7-9

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11-18-14 Chapters 7-9

Spiritual disciplines, how to implement in our lives.  There is no way we can do what Jesus did in public without doing what Jesus did in private.  Chapter 7  I believe gives encouragement and instruction on how to implement them in our own lives.  Let’s discuss further.

Self discipline is sometime overlooked in our lives. It is an extremely important part of Jesus’s character. We must be willing to embrace the spiritual disciplines. Just like we go the gym to exercise of natural bodies, we must go to the Father, just like Jesus did to exercise our spiritual bodies. This practice won’t make you perfect, but it will make you better.  The five disciplines are PRAYER, FASTING, WORSHIP and the studying of SCRIPTURE, and SERVICE.  Do you practice your spiritual disciplines?  What are there?  How often?  Thanks to share.


Chapter 8 will cover relationships and how to put people in their place.  Jesus provides an effective model for managing people and instructs us on how to follow it.  Mind over matter, using your mind when dealing with people not always your heart. God gave us minds for protection. Often times our emotional intelligence affects our relational intelligence.  This causes us to live by how we feel so our emotions dictate our interactions concerning who can enter or exit our lives.  I know firsthand because I have experienced this. Everyone is not supposed to be in your life. Everyone is not supposed to stay in your life.  Some people come around for a reason and/or a season. Those reason people are there to teach you something. Sometimes they stay, sometimes not. Whatever the lesson, learn it.  Seasonal people do the same.  They are not meant to stay apart of your life forever, but are placed in your life for season.

How do we treat unlikable people?  No matter who they are or what their motives are, Jesus remains exactly the same.  He doesn’t change His personality to accommodate the flatterer or the fool. He blesses His enemies, and He blesses His friends. Why?  Because he knew that the Father put all things under His Power.  When you live in the fullness of your Christlike identity, Peters and Judases will never again intimidate you.  You will be able to stand confidently in who you are.  You will learn that people do not own your peace.

Have you ever met someone whose been the same in spirit since the day you met them?  I’m talking about never gets mad, upset and out of character?  Always pleasant in their approach?  I have!  I have met and still know a few people to this very day. These people are truly blessed. I strive to be like them someday. Pray for me!


Chapter 9 explores one of Jesus’s most effective tools:  HIS WORDS.  Jesus avoided inconvenience in his life because he used his words wisely and responsibly.  He’s words benefited all. Grace, Love and Hope were transported into lives through the vehicle of words. You can emulate Jesus in this area so that your words bless your life and the lives of others.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. NOT TRUE! Once those words part your lips, its more like: Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will break our hearts.  The reality is, WORDS HURT, WORDS PIERCE, WORDS POISON. Proverbs says, ” The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Prov. 18:21)  When speaking about the weapon of the tongue, also think about the tone, the timing, and the temperature of your words.

Jesus knew the power of words in such a way that He practiced thoughtful communication in one situation and responded silently in another. He asked rhetorical questions in order to expose ulterior motives. Jesus knew what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. Read Matthew 12:22-37 to prove it. Notice how words influence the outcome of the narrative. The passage shows the power of encountering Jesus. When Jesus touches you and you come into a relationship with Him, one of the first things He does is enable you to see and speak differently. You see things differently, the world looks different, scriptures read different, circumstances are different.  Your eyes are open. We rejoice during moments when others would cry. Judgments are replaced with redemptive hope, everybody has potential to be better. Your sight affects your insight, then your communication changes. It’s now impossible to remain silent.  Speaking about Christ is a reflexive and automatic reaction to encountering Him. You will start doing things like, speaking good about people not gossiping, giving joy, not judgment.  Our words should point people forward, not backward. Build people up, encourage them to focus on who they can become, Christlike. Where do you need to grow the most?  How do you speak about yourself to others?


Re-Present Jesus: Rethink Your Version of Christianity and Become More like Christ 

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