Reading Now – RePresent Jesus By Dharius Daniels 11-14-14 Chapters 1-3

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11-14-14  Chapters 1-3

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I found this book to be more of a self truth type book.  Pastor Daniels forced me to look at my understanding of morals and values pertaining to Christ.  Pastor took core values and cited scriptures and biblical stories to them so we could see the truth in how we perceive Jesus.  I love this book. My eyes are open.  So I’ve taken some excerpts from the book to talk about.  Feel free to share knowledge you have learned as well.  We can all continue growing together. GOD Bless US ALL!!

“Being a Christian is about representing Jesus, following Jesus just as it is about receiving Jesus in your heart. One without the other promotes lack of understanding of spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is about ‘BECOMING MORE LIKE JESUS’.”  This is a quote from the book RePresenting Jesus: Rethink Your Version of Christianity and Become More like Christ.

“GOD’s priority is to make us like Jesus. Jesus is godliness & spiritual growth.  Jesus is an example of what it means to live godly.”  A godly life. 

Part of the authors spiritual experience was realizing that the image of Jesus in his mind was inconsistent with the images in scripture.  He needed to re-present Jesus of scriptures so he could properly represent that Jesus in his own life.  

Awesome!  What a powerful enlightenment this is.  We go around saying we love Jesus, we are Christians, but we don’t live the life.

We are Christian but we don’t be Christian?

What can you do to better your Christian faith today?

How can you carry yourself so that you are the best Christian (Jesus like) you can be?

I have a story of a really good example of being a Jesus like Christian.   I have a guy I work with. He is not a rich guy by any means, but he is a faithful man.   Some church friends of his were displaced from their home due to a fire a few months back. He told me he was going to give the family his paycheck every month for the next three months to help them get back on their feet.  The family had to move to a hotel for temporary placement.  I asked him how will he live if he gives away his paychecks.  He said his family serves a mighty GOD and that he felt compelled to help the family the best he could.  He had never paid late on his rent and it was about time he did. Besides both he and his wife were employed.  The minute he said that I knew Jesus was all over him.  Later on that day,  he came back and asked me if I knew anyone with clothes for small children boy and girl and young female.  If anyone wants to donate, he would really appreciate it.  So, I sent an email to all the locations within our company and oh my GOD the response was overwhelming. Clothes, gift cards, food gift cards, comforters, coats, etc.  Everything he asked for and more was provided to this family.  After three days we had to stop the requests. It was overwhelming. My friend was on a mission and he was exact. He did not waiver from spirit. He did not ignore this calling. He was not selfish.  He was blessed and guided throughout.   He did not think about anything except helping this family. He was blessed later on with a great big thank you party and a special dinner from the family.

I had to ask myself if I could do that. If I would do that.  The answer is yes and I have done the Jesus like thing many of times. But would you?  I’m just asking.  I’d like to read your story.

Re-Present Jesus: Rethink Your Version of Christianity and Become More like Christ 

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